Sunrise at Byron Bay

10.04.13 @ 07:3913

Byron Bay Light House 

09.30.13 @ 07:5914

Beau and I have moved back to the bush in Queensland. And when I say bush I mean, 45 minutes from the nearest supermarket, no mobile phone reception, dirt roads, 4WD’s, farmers and hippies all in the one road, Chinaman Creek Road. We’ve moved back to build a house on my parents property along with my sister, her partner and their 9 month old baby Emre. The property is large about 9 hectares so each house is well away from the other. You can’t even see them from each other! There’s a creek that winds through the property, which in a good year runs almost all year. My parents fall under the hippy category. Kind of. They make nesting boxes for hollow dependant fauna. And their house (The house I grew up in), is made from recycled timber and rocks found in the creek. My dad made it with virtually no money. 

We’ve been here for 12 short weeks. I was sceptical at first, not sure if I’ve survive without my cafes and best friend Carla. I didn’t have a lot of high hopes. Where will I get my coffee? Where will I buy my clothes? (I’m a lover of Melbourne based brands) How will I know what interesting adventures Carla has been up to? The answers; My dad invested in a good coffee machine, he makes the best tea and coffee. We call him the drink man. No one goes without being offered a tea or a coffee in their house. Turns out most of the labels I like have online shops. And living out in the bush with no real expenses means more money to shop with! Keeping up with Carla’s life through texts and occasionally a phone call is the only real downfall. But a visit to Melbourne in December should fix my desperation to sit for hours on end drinking tea talking about nothing in particular. 

All in all, I get to build a house with the love of my life and be surrounded by my gorgeous and supportive family. Not to mention all the time I get to be creative! I couldn’t ask for anything more! 

I was yours and you were mine from the moment we met. There has never been anyone that was more perfect for me. When I’m with you I feel so perfectly at ease. Our future is so bright; building a house, exploring Australia and the world and a few more little surprises ;) 
I love you Dreamy Beau, I am so thankful to have you. 

09.29.13 @ 07:478

These two little muffins!!! 

08.03.13 @ 18:3112

Carla from The Paper Beast 

08.03.13 @ 18:2712


08.02.13 @ 19:2411

Beau likes riding his bike. A casual bike ride for Beau is anything from 30km to 80km…. 
Yeah, he likes riding his bike. 

08.02.13 @ 19:041

Ebony on the sand of Philip Island, VIC. 

08.02.13 @ 19:0131

Owen and Beau

08.02.13 @ 18:5110

Beau in the botanical gardens. He developed and scanned this roll of film for me. It’s my last roll from Melbourne. Thank you Beau, you are incredible!

07.29.13 @ 16:286


07.29.13 @ 16:1712

This is my lover Beau. He takes the most incredible photographs with his film cameras. 

07.11.13 @ 18:233


07.11.13 @ 18:093